About On Stage Music Academy

On Stage Music Academy, an exciting way to learn music is available to growing musicians in and near Long Beach. Music educator On Stage Music Academy is located at 2221 Palo Verde Ave., 2nd Floor, Suite i, right off the 405, in the Los Altos area.

I wish I had this school when I was growing up. We break down barriers to really enjoy playing music right away. Soon students use what they learn (in their private lesson), to play in a band/rehearsal setting together with others. It’s much more fun than just sitting alone at home practicing by yourself. – Director Bill McRae


IMG_6008Fun – Everyone wants to enjoy music, so our first goal is that you have fun.  If you love it, even the challenges are exciting.

 Go with the Flow – Music is play – that’s where the feeling and fun are.  We start playing songs you can do very quickly.  Really playing a song you like is very rewarding.  By using easier to play chords and melodies, you can learn by doing right away.  From there your skills can grow.

Growing Musicians – We teach you to be a musician.  From the beginning, you understand music, and apply it to the instrument you choose, including voice.  From child to adult – it’s got to be fun.  Kids play at everything.  Teens and adults need to let go enough to enjoy it.

Playing in a Group or Band – Playing with other students, learning to perform is full of rewards, all along the way.  It is so much better than sitting at home always playing by yourself.


Performing – Performing is part of being musical here.  Everyone is a star, as much as they want to be. When students are ready, we feature them. But before then, everyone can love just being part of a band. No pressure. Easy-to-learn parts sound great when we all play them together.

Learning Styles – How should we learn music – by ear or by notes?  Both.   We teach however a student learns best, using traditional and natural methods.   What music should students learn?  Whatever they enjoy, and what will train them for success.  Once you have some success and love it, it’s time to grow and be challenged.

Alex and Dana

Young Children – At On Stage Music Academy toddlers & preschool children participate in Music Together, a developmental music & movement family class, along with their parents/caregivers. Big Kids Music Tour is the next step for our 5-8 year-old musicians, developing a love for music and a foundation to build on.  A variety of other programs include songwriting, recording, and artist development, and conservatory level training for more skilled players and singers.  On Stage Music Academy’s facilities have a professional studio feel with quality instruments, cutting-edge digital sound, record-ready practice studios, and stage lighting to create a real on stage learning experience.

Positive Experiences for Everywhere – The growth kids and adults have here helps in other places too.  Everyone’s confidence soars with all these positive experiences, ‘til one day we are flying, not just in music but everywhere. Our students have a home, a community where we all learn to live our passion in music and in life.