"I wish I had this school when I was growing up. We break down barriers to really enjoy playing music right away. Soon students use what they learn [in their private lesson] to play in a band/rehearsal setting together with others. It’s much more fun than just sitting alone at home practicing by yourself." – Director Bill McRae

On Stage Music Academy is a community. We are a part of something greater that is our students, and we strive towards fun and engaging music lessons. We focus on having fun through learning music while exposing our students to the musician's life, whether you are a parent, grandparent, millennial, teen or even preschooler- we welcome all ages and levels and want you to achieve your musical goals while enjoying the world of music! We have many options for music learning, for example, private lesson or group lesson. Here, you will learn to understand music and apply it to the instrument you are interested in, including voice. Later, when you are confident enough, we will place you in a live performance at your level, either here at our facilities and for the more advanced, out in the local venues across Long Beach, CA, where you can perform to the supportive network of your friends and family.

Do you have a young and adventures child in the family? Check out our early development childhood programs Music Together and Big Kids Music Tour! Music Together is a developmental music & movement family class where toddlers participate along with their parents/caregivers. Big Kids Music Tour, the more advanced program, is where our preschoolers develop their love for music as part of a group with other music-lovers preschoolers, just like them. Both programs are built for our young students to develop their musical, social, and intellect skills in a fun and engaging way.

Our facilities include a professional studio with quality recording equipment, practice rooms, and large rooms for performances and fun classes, such as our performance groups and bands. We also own beginners and professional levels instruments including acoustic guitars, electric guitars, bass guitars, ukuleles, drums, pianos, and microphones.

Everyone’s confidence soars when they acquire positive experiences, until one day we achieve these things we aspired to both in music and in our lives. On Stage Music Academy students have a home, a community, where we all learn to live and fulfill our passion in music and in life.


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