Adult Music Lessons

Adult Music Lessons

Pros and Collaborators…Inspired Beginners…Local Long Beach Artists…Weekend Musician Warriors and Legacy Players – we all need the support, resources and edge On Stage Music Academy has for us.

Private Adult Music Lessons

Whether you’re just beginning or trying to hone your skills, we tailor your lessons specifically to your needs and desires. You can expect every lesson to include song work focused on the songs that have inspired you to pick up the instrument in the first place (don’t forget your voice is an instrument, too!). Along with that, we’ll focus on the specific tricks and techniques that are unique to your favorite style of music. So if you’re having trouble trying to connect the pentatonic scale positions, wondering what the “blues note” is, or simply don’t know where to start, our adult music lessons will help you figure it all out!

Guided Band Lessons for Adults

Adult music lessons in the form of a band, playing rock and pop music, are the most fun and fastest way to get better. Our bands rehearse and perform shows often.  We record and do music video shoots of what the groups learn. Instructors coach each band in everything from rehearsal, to video shoot, to on stage performance. This is really fun – a real social network of real people having relationships and doing cool music together – awesome.

Typically, our adult music lessons are a combination of private instruction and group rehearsal sessions. We focus on each individual and their part within the band during private lessons. This is complemented with one hour of rehearsal together as a band once a week.  We learn how to collaborate with most kinds of instruments and vocals, how to play together on stage and perform an AWESOME show!

Group InstructionAdult Music Lessons
There’s more to it than just playing the song. Learn how to hype the crowd, impress the audience with passion, and have FUN as a group!

Performance Labs
Group Performance – same or mixed instruments – Perform often
Rock Band (all styles of music) – Perform at least once a season
Coffee House ensemble – acoustic & vocal music.

Our program is about growing through collaboration, but if a band setting isn’t quite your thing, that’s okay! You have the choice to join a guided band, performance lab or private lessons. Most popular instruments (non-orchestral) are available for every ability level. Your favorite music is also ours – we’ll tailor to the style and genre that moves you. Private lessons support the main part of your training – achieving what your goals and aspirations are.

Pros, Local Artists, Weekend Warriors, and Legacy Players

Your development is our pleasure. Even Tiger Woods has a great coach. We’ll get you the expert training to intensify your chops, sounds and sets. Music business help needed? Arranging or composing? Collaborating with local talent? Yes, Yes, and Oh YES!


We perform out at least once a season, and as much as once a week. You can plug into the bands that fit your passion and time commitment. Groups, workshops, and sessions give everything you are gonna want. If we don’t do it yet, just ask.

Additional Programs
Song Writing, Notation, Recording, Stage Presence, Ear Training, Theory, Arranging

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