Lessons for Kids and Teens

 Lessons for Kids and Teens

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What do you think about learning to perform ‘On Stage’? Ever wanted to know what it’s like to perform in an actual production?

Our music lessons for kids and teens is based on a 3 step program: Private Lessons, Band Lab, and Guided Band Performance. No matter your skill level, private lessons is the best starting point to learn, hone your skills, and achieve your goals. When you’re ready and up for the challenge, you’ll be able to move on to Band Lab and learn the ins and outs of setting up and playing in a band. The final step and ultimate goal is officially forming a band and performing ON STAGE during our seasonal showcases and beyond!

Private Music lessons for kids and teens

We know everyone is different, so why should all lessons be the same? We tailor our music lessons for kids and teens specifically for each student based on what they want to achieve. Every lesson includes song work, where we learn the songs and styles that have inspired you to pick up the instrument (or voice) in the first place! The ultimate goal is a rich, life-long understanding of music.

Music Lessons for Kids and Teens Band Lab Pictureband lab

When you’re ready to go beyond private lessons and test your skills within a band setting, Band Lab is the next step! With an experienced instructor coaching the whole process, you’ll learn how to collaborate with other like-minded musicians and discover exactly what it takes to play in a band. We’ll match you with students of similar age, skill level, and musical taste so that you’re comfortable and ready to take on the challenge.

guided band performanceMusic Lessons for Kids and Teens Band Performance

The pinnacle of our program and the ultimate goal! There truly is no greater feeling than successfully playing a set with a band. Much like Band Lab, you’ll be matched with like-minded students who are prepared to take on the challenge. This time, we’ll be focused on ACTUALLY performing a set, and you’ll be coached all the way from setlist determination to passionate note delivery. Bands perform during our seasonal showcases at local venues and beyond!

Of course, if performing on stage isn’t quite your calling, that’s okay! We focus our music lessons for kids and teens on what each individual┬ástudent desires to achieve, whether it be stadium rocking or bedroom jamming!

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