Quick Tip- Ledger Line Notes

efb744da-39cc-448c-a647-91dfce9a0266Here is some great advice on reading music notation thanks to sightreadingmastery.com  Ledger line notes appear above and below the 5 line, 4 space staff of any clef: treble, bass, or other less used clefs.

Focus on the three C’s.

  • High C is 2 lines about the treble staff.
  • Middle C is 1 line below the treble staff and 1 line above the bass staff.
  • Low C is 2 lines below the bass staff.


“Memorize where these notes are and let them serve as your anchors. Suddenly recognizing other ledger line notes becomes much easier because you can see they’re only a short interval from one of our C’s, rather than a large interval from the staff.”