Recording Studio at On Stage Music Academy

Your Personal Recording Studio Here In Long Beach

Established with our students in mind, the Recording Studio is your opportunity to record and master your own songs or album. Plus, you’ll learn about the whole process and what it takes to record, produce, mix, and master your songs.

Whether you’re recording for friends and family or professional distribution, we’ll help you lay down tracks that represent your unique personality and talent. We’ll show you how to mix and master what you’ve recorded. We’ve got an enthusiastic “no-pressure” atmosphere for all ages and talents.

Rates for Studio Work:

$60 per Hour (2 Hours minimum).
*These rates include recording of your song(s), mixing and mastering for optimal quality, and a file of the work you can take home on a flash drive. Plus the experience and knowledge that comes with it.

*Check out our Youtube channel by clicking here to hear some student recordings from the holiday season!

Click here to book a session. If you have any questions, click here to contact us.