Trumpet Lessons

Trumpet Lessons at On Stage Music Academy

Our trumpet lessons are especially focused on improving your skills and playing ability, both as a soloist and within an ensemble. We’ll help you achieve the most opportunities in your school’s band through better skills, tone, and experience. You’ll walk away with an assured confidence in reading, improvising, writing, and an abundance of audition material. The BEST part is that we make sure you’re having fun in the process. Play with our student rock and pop bands to experience different genres and play styles. Here’s what our typical trumpet lessons look like: 

warm ups:

Most don’t realize that trumpet playing is some serious work! But don’t worry; we begin our trumpet lessons with easy warm ups that will keep you loose and ready to play for hours. You’ll be able to take these home and practice on your own so that you’re able to play tirelessly and effectively. We believe that music should ALWAYS be engaging, so we make sure our warm ups are not only effective, but FUN!

song work:Trumpet Lessons Showcase

All of our trumpet lessons are focused on song work from beginning to end. The best way to learn is by playing the music that inspired you to pick up the trumpet in the first place! If you’re beginning from the start, don’t worry. You’d be surprised at what you can play after just one lesson!

technique/book work:

As you grow within the world of music and learn to play awesome tunes, you’ll notice that each song is a unique collections of notes, scales, and rhythms. Those same techniques can be borrowed and reconstructed in tons of creative ways. With the help of some music theory knowledge, we’ll help you build your personal arsenal of tricks and techniques that you can use to solo, improvise, and wright your own music.

music theory:Trumpet Lessons at On Stage Music Academy, Long Beach

We know what you might be thinking… and yes, theory can be boring, BUT not the way we teach it. Our trumpet lessons only teach you what’s relevant with the kind of song/technique/style we’re working on in the moment. To put it simply, we don’t just teach HOW to play, but WHY it works. You’ll walk away with a rich understanding of music and the ability to play whatever’s on your mind, WITHOUT sheet music! (although we’ll teach you how to read that, too!)


One of the most difficult barriers to overcome while learning the trumpet is knowing exactly what to practice. Sure, they all say, “PRACTICE! PRACTICE! PRACTICE!”, but what do you practice? How do you know that your practice is actually helping? At the end of our trumpet lessons, we’ll discuss what we learned along with WHY we learned it. We’ll let you know EXACTLY what you need to take home and practice before next week’s lesson so that you’re constantly growing.

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Meet our trumpet instructor:

Tom Shearer – Trumpet and Flugelhorn Expert